Street Self Defence

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Well you probably have been wondering when I was going to get to this part, so here it is……Which martial art is best for real life self defence?

A large number of martial arts systems have developed into systems for health benefits, to build self confidence and just plain flamboyance. Many of the techniques are either weak/ineffective or too complicated and difficult to apply on a non compliant opponent/attacker. However many will still, in their basic form, give you a great advantage over untrained attackers and some when taught purely in their initial intended use or developed as a combat version can still be effective (again and yes I am going to say it again..I must stress that, knowledge and confidence doesn’t always translate into effectiveness). The few listed next on this page are those martial arts that have some good techniques that can be very useful in a real life situation, many can be learnt almost anywhere, with a club in most nearby towns/cities, others you may have to travel to for training. Note: (for those looking for all out combative systems see the next page). Ideally you want to combine striking with some ground work. Therefore you may want to learn from one or more martial art systems.

Kickboxing/Muay Thai – as this is a fast paced martial art developed for knocking your opponent out/taking them down with simple punches, knees and kicks, it will put you one step ahead physically over any untrained attacker. (Note: add ground work to become a more complete fighter). See main Kickboxing article here and main Muay Thai article here.

Jiu-Jitsu/BBJ – added as an excellent additional way of learning how to defend yourself when and if a fight goes to the ground (and it often does). See main Jiu-Jitsu article here and main BBJ article here.

Jeet-Kune-Do – designed specifically for self defence by Bruce Lee (Note: needs to be taught correctly to be effective). See main article here.

Western Boxing – possibly the best way to learn effective accurate punching and how to avoid punches from your attacker. (Note: add ground work to become a more complete fighter). See main article here.

Mixed Martial Arts – as the name suggests. MMA can be made up of several and varying martial arts, but typically will include both stand up striking and ground work disciplines. See main article here.

Russian/Combat Sambo – Designed to defend against both armed and unarmed attacks. Combines Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Free-Style Wrestling, Karate and other martial arts influences.

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